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FlightPath Source Code Stored in Arctic Code Vault
Mon, 07/20/2020

We're thrilled to announce that the official source code for our open-source advising system, FlightPath, has been stored in the Arctic Code Vault for all time!  Read more to find out all the details.

EDUCAUSE Top 10 IT Issues - And How Liftoff Academics can help
Mon, 03/02/2020

Every year, EDUCAUSE publishes a list of the top 10 IT issues for Higher Education, which considers the opinions and topics most important to university leaders and CIOs.  In this post, we go through the list, and explain how Liftoff Academics is here to help.

We Are Proud Sponsors of the NSSC Conference!
Sun, 02/16/2020

Liftoff Academics is proud to sponsor the National Student Success Conference this year, in Tampa, FL.  This conference is put on by the University of South Florida, and is dedicated to the success of the higher ed student, which means it's a perfect fit for Liftoff Academics!

Why Your School Needs Jetstream
Mon, 01/13/2020

We are thrilled to announce the release of our latest product for Higher Education: Jetstream!  In this post, we'll go over the top features, as well as discuss exactly how your college or university can benefit from this easy-to-use and powerful student success software.

2 Reasons Students Fall Behind, And How To Fix Them
Tue, 11/26/2019

Student Success & Retention can be affected by several factors-- some academic, and some outside of the university.  In this post, we'll explore some of those factors, and see simple ways that Liftoff can help to improve graduation rates on your campus.