We Had a Great Time at EDUCAUSE 2019!

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We Had a Great Time at EDUCAUSE 2019!

This year's EDUCUASE 2019 conference was a huge success!  We were honored to be included in the Start Up Alley section, as well as the Under the Ed Radar Pitch Competition.  We learned so much from fellow exhibitors, as well as from the conference participants themselves.

We Had a Great Time at EDUCAUSE 2019The conference itself was held in Chicago, IL, in the McCormick Center, which is the largest convention center in North America.  We stayed mostly in the Exhibit Hall, next to our booth, so as not to miss any potential clients-- and we had plenty of interest.  My voice actually started to go hoarse by the second day from all the talking and demos we delivered!

One of the great things about conferences like this is the ability to try out your pitch, demo, etc, on lots of people in a row, so you can winnow it down to the essentials that get your message across as quickly and cleanly as possible.

In addition to potential clients, we also met several fellow exhibitors who themselves had been in Start Up Alley in the previous years.  We got some great marketing and pitch advice, as well as some great advice on product features and functionality.

Can't wait for next year!