If Your Campus Isn't Mobile-Friendly, It Needs To Be

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If Your Campus Isn't Mobile-Friendly, It Needs To Be

We all know how convenient modern mobile phones are-- from instant answers on Google and Wikipedia to our favorite music and videos.  Mobile phones are used by a majority of students, but is your campus "mobile friendly?" 

Keep reading to make sure not a single mobile user falls through the cracks.

Percentage of Ownership

In just the past 10 years, mobile phone use has exploded on college campuses.  According to Pew, smartphone ownership has climbed from 35% to 81% of all adults just since 2011, and it shows no signs of slowing down.  The same poll showed that a staggering 96% of college-aged adults (18-29) own a smartphone.

CNBC recently reported that, according to a different study, nearly 72% of all people will use their mobile phones for Internet access by 2025.

So how can your campus be prepared?


Mobile-Friendly Web

It goes without saying that your primary web site must be mobile-friendly or "responsive"-- that is, it should gracefully reshape itself to fit on smaller screens.  This usually means it shifts content around, resizes images, etc, automatically.  As of 2019, this is the norm for most modern campuses.

But what about your web applications?

If your students access their advisings, grades, assignments, registration, etc. on their phones, will they receive a mobile experience, or will it be sized for desktops, and require lots of pinching and zooming around?

The same is true for your faculty & staff.  They need mobile access to all of their tools they use.  For example, in recording class attendance or personal activities.


Need Help?

If you need help making your campus mobile friendly, contact us today!  We can offer custom software solutions, as well as our own exclusive (and mobile-friendly) software for your campus.