Coming Soon: Jetstream!

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Jetstream - Software for student success

We are pleased to announce the development of a new product for our existing line of Higher Education software: Jetstream!  This web-based platform is centered directly on student success, to leverage the powers of EdTech within your existing advising workflow.  Read on to find out more:


What is Jetstream?

Put simply, Jetstream is a web-based system which both your faculty and students use to assist with student success across all stages of a student's career.  It works great along side FlightPath Labs, or entirely by itself, to help your professors, administrative staff, and advisors catch early-warning alerts for at-risk students, and view a more complete picture of their progress.


Jetstream - student success software

What Are Some of the Features?

Jetstream can handle:

  • Advising & tutoring appointments
  • Taking attendance manually, or using an ID card-swipe device
  • Managing assignments per class, per student
  • Professors can file "progress reports" if a student is in danger of failing
  • Advisors receive automated alerts if a student drops a course, has too many absences, etc.

And much more!


When Will Jetstream Be Available?

We expect Jetstream to officially launch in early October, 2019!  If you would like an advanced demonstration, or any other information, please don't hesitate to contact us today!