5 Reasons Your School Needs FlightPath for Advising

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5 Reasons Your School Needs FlightPath for Advising

If you aren't using an online advising system yet, it is a must-have for your campus.  Not only does it standardize advisings, but it ensures accuracy, speed, and can even increase retention rates. 

Read more to see how FlightPath (brought to you by Liftoff Academics) can fulfill all of your school's advising and degree audit needs.

1. Say Goodbye to Inaccurate Advisings, Say Hello to Increased Retention

Studies have shown that inaccurate advisings lead to disaffected and frustrated students, which then lead to drops in retention.  And who could blame them?  When it costs a student thousands of dollars each semester, one wrong course registration translates into wasted time and money.

So what is the cause of inaccurate advisings?  The simplest answer is faculty advisors not knowing the subtleties of curriculum requirements from one catalog year to the next.  This is where FlightPath comes in.  When a faculty advisor can easily see the requirements for ten different students with ten different catalog years, there's no chance for error.

Bottom line: your advisors don't need to be curriculum and catalog experts with FlightPath!


2. See Past Advisings (and Know Who's to Blame)

With FlightPath Labs, all of a student's past advising sessions, comments, and files, are securely stored in the cloud, and accessible by any future adviser they may have.  This means that over the course of the student's college career, it's easy to look back and see exactly who told them to take DANC 101 instead of CHEM 101 (or if indeed the student registered for that course all on their own).

This adds a layer of accountability which is much easier to access than, say, paper checksheets in a filing cabinet somewhere.


3. Fast, Simple, Attractive, and Mobile-Friendly

So many applications for Higher Ed are so focused on the "business logic" behind the scenes, they forget that real people will be using and interacting with the software.  That is why FlightPath was designed to run smoothly from any web browser, on any device-- from a mobile phone to a desktop computer.

The screens themselves are simple and elegant, with friendly icons and buttons, instead of terse, business-only design.


4. Relief For Your IT Department

Most university's IT departments are overworked or understaffed, and even though they are undoubtedly composed of talented people, there is just so much that they can take on at a time.  Liftoff Academics is happy to provide the service of hosting, support, maintenance, etc, that goes along with adopting an enterprise-level advising solution like FlightPath.

No need to worry about failing hard drives, memory upgrades, backups, etc.


5. Very Cost-Effective

It's an unfortunate trend that university budgets have been getting slashed for the past ten years, with little signs of slowing or stopping.  And technology and IT in general is one of the more expensive areas on campus.  As a result, universities have begun to look to other channels to meet their technology needs.

That's where Liftoff Academics can help.  We host FlightPath for you, requiring very little IT staff involvement, and at a fraction of the price of similar academic advising software out there (not to mention, FlightPath is more attractive and easier to use).


Contact us today for a free demo and to discuss our pricing options, or visit FlightPathLabs.com to see video and more information.