2 Reasons Students Fall Behind, And How To Fix Them

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2 Reasons Students Fall Behind, And How To Fix Them

Student Success & Retention can be affected by several factors-- some academic, and some outside of the university.  In this post, we'll explore some of those factors, and see simple ways that Liftoff can help to improve graduation rates on your campus.


1. Advising & Degree Planning Issues

It's no secret that issues like confusing curriculum, wasted transfer credits, and limited course availability can cause frustration, delayed graduation, and even damages retention rates.  

Luckily, FlightPath Labs can solve all of those problems.  Curriculum is displayed plainly, with requirements easy to understand.  It also shows progress towards graduation.  Transfer credits don't go un-used, as they're easily substituted in or even automatically applied.  And through FlightPath's advanced reports, planning for course availability is simple and straight-forward.


2. Non-Academic Barriers

This would include issues such as housing insecurity, mental health issues, lack of transportation or child care, and so on.  These problems affect retention and student success every bit as much as academic problems, but they often go unnoticed or misdiagnosed.

For example, lack of child care may manifest as receiving too many absences.  Mental health issues may result in missed projects or a lack of focus during lectures.

Our latest software offering, Jetstream, provides early-alerts for the conditions of these problems, as well as purely academic issues. These early-alerts go straight to the student's advisor or counselor, so that interventions can be made before the student falls behind or even drops out entirely.


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Thanks to EDUCAUSE Review (October 14, 2019) for providing research material.